Frequently Asked Questions

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Who Runs Hethel Engineering Centre?

Hethel Engineering Centre is run by Hethel Innovation Ltd

Can Hethel Engineering Centre provide me with grants or funding?

Hethel Engineering Centre’s support services include access to a network of specialist advisors and partners who are passionate about supporting companies in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Hethel Engineering Centre itself does not award or fund grants, but we regularly advising  our customers on the funding available and where appropriate support them to secure funding.

What does Hethel Engineering Centre actually do?

Hethel Engineering Centre is a business dedicated to supporting the growth and success of high performance engineering and manufacturing companies and individuals throughout the region. Hethel Engineering Centre offers the following services:

  • business incubation space – offices, workshops
  • specialist business support
  • engineering consultancy
How do I get in touch with Hethel Engineering Centre?

Our address is:

Hethel Engineering Centre
Chapman Way
NR14 8FB

Tel: 01953 859100

Fax: 01953 859101

Is Hethel Engineering Centre purely motorsport/automotive?
No. Hethel Engineering Centre is dedicated to supporting the growth and success of high-performance engineering and manufacturing companies. Whilst this certainly includes motorsport and automotive it also includes many other sectors: food processing and packaging, defense, offshore, agriculture, Information and Communication Technology and many more.
Is Hethel Engineering Centre owned by Lotus?
No. Although Group Lotus is a key partner, Hethel Engineering Centre is wholly owned by Norfolk County Council and sits within the Economic Development Unit trading as a stand-alone profit centre.
Can I use the Centre if I am not an engineering or manufacturing business?
Yes. You may be interested to use the conferencing facilities and we run a comprehensive series of events will appeal to a wide audience.

If you have a question which we haven’t answered, feel free to contact us at