Any keen cyclists out there are sure to be familiar with this month’s Tenant Spotlight! Based at our Hethel Engineering Centre site, Rehook are the creators of the hugely successful cycling tool which helps riders to fix and reattach their chain without the mess. With a host of other products to help give cyclists confidence in maintaining their bikes, the business continues to go from strength to strength.

Wayne and Anna from Rehook pose for a photograph
Wayne and Anna Taylor from Rehook based at Hethel Engineering Centre

We spoke to creator, Wayne Taylor, to find out more about Rehook:

Hi Wayne, thanks for being our latest Tenant Spotlight! Can you give us an overview of what Rehook’s offering is?

Rehook engineers solutions to combat everyday cycling problems. We are continually innovating new products to give you peace of mind while riding. Always there, to get you back on your bike.

Can you tell us the story of Rehook?

Rehook launched in 2016, with the original tool to get your chain back on your bike, without the mess. We have since appeared on Dragon’s Den in 2018 where we were offered investment from each Dragon and decided to accept Deborah Meaden’s offer. We’ve been able to expand our range to give more than Rehook’s original tool. This year we’ve launched Rehook AIR, the stylish handheld bike pump & Rehook Emergency Bike Repair Kit, housing all the tools you’ll need to get back on your bike. We’ve got more coming, so watch this space.

Wayne Taylor from Rehook on BBC One’s Dragon’s Den

Were there any challenges you faced and overcame while setting up the business?

My background is in software, which constantly needs maintenance and improvements. The difficulty came with working full time and trying to set up a new business. Software has a shelf life, whereas I wanted to find something you could park for several months and it wouldn’t lose its value. I chose to do a physical product I would be able to continue developing.

What is your vision for the future?

Our goal is to give everybody the confidence to maintain their bikes and therefore get more people cycling in the UK and around the world!

Rehook's Emergency Repair Kit

Do you have any advice for other business owners?

Get started, find something you enjoy doing and can do well. Lots of people worry about having the right idea, but in reality, it’s the right execution that is the most important.

Thanks so much to Wayne for speaking to us, and telling us more about his business! To see Rehook’s range of products visit their website, or get in touch via email at